Name: Daniel del Rosario
E-mail: danirvega [at]
Phone & Fax:  +34 617040605
Country : Spain/Islas Canarias/Maspalomas
Aircraft : RANS Coyote II 912 UL
Come & fly near the best sun & touristic area of Europe. We teach gyros since 2002. Instructor, Daniel del Rosario, is also fixed wing & PPL pilot.  Intensive courses & hotel just aside the airfield. visit


Company: Ibertour International Aviation
Name: Javier Larrosa
E-mail: info [at]
Phone & Fax:  (0034) 972474781
Country :  Spain, Girona
Aircraft : Cessna 172, Piper Seneca
E-FTO 0040. JAA PPL, CPL and ATPL - SE - ME - IR - FI - IRI - CRI All courses in english. Accommodation included.


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