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Company: Above Alaska Aviation, LLC
Company: Arnold L. Sperling
E-mail: fly [at]
Phone: 907-355-4808
Country: Talkeetna, Alaska
Aircraft Types: Champ, Citabria, PA18, Cessna 172,
Book either an Off Airport Bush Course or Float Plane Rating during the month of July and receive two nights of free lodging! Types of Training Available: Off Airport Bush Course: The Bush Course consists of 2-3 hours of ground instruction per day and 6 hours of flight training. We start by discussing the Specifics of the aircraft we will be flying (a 160 hp Citabria). This includes aircraft systems and components, performance, and limitations. We then move into the physics of precision takeoffs and landings. Then on to judging landing and takeoff distances and conditions from the air. Float Ratings: The Float Rating consists of 2-3 hours of ground instruction per day along with 2 flights per day. Check ride is on the third day. Earn your Airplane Single Engine Sea Rating while exploring the added freedom of float flying. You will learn new skills while discovering the numerous lakes of the upper Susitna valley with Mount McKinley as a backdrop. Whether you will be vacationing in Alaska and just want an introductory lesson or if you desire complete pilot training, Above Alaska Aviation is your gateway to flying freedom! We look forward to flying with you! Above Alaska Aviation, LLC P.O. Box 821 Talkeetna, AK 99676 (907) 355-4808 or fly [at]

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Company: Arnold L. Sperling
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone & Fax: 508 358 5707
Country: USA/Massachusetts/Wayland
Aircraft Types: all including A&S 18A

Fixed Wing Types: Airplane, Seaplane, single, multi, Helicopter, instrument


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 Sharon Wyant USA Michigan, Ann Arbor Aircraft types: Cessna, Diamond, Piper, Beechcraft Single/Multi Training Private through ATP FAA Part 61 and 141 VA Approved Pacific Prowler USA, Texas, Ft. Worth Aircraft type: B-25 Mitchell Have you ever wondered what is was like to pilot a World War Two bomber? Do you have Walter Mitty dreams of doing just that? We offer flight training in our North American B-25 Mitchell bomber based at Meacham Field (KFTW) in Ft. Worth TX. We have several packages ranging from an hour of dual up to full blown type ratings. You will be in the left seat and hands on during all phases of flight. Please visit our website or call us for more information.  Name: Paul Salmon, CFI Country: USA, Missouri, Cape Girardeau Helicopter Types: Robinson R22, R44 We provide Helicopter flight instruction from Private through CFI. Check out our website at  Arnold L. Sperling Country: USA/Massachusetts/Wayland Gyro Types: all including A&S 18A Information: CFI for over 20 years, Trains in R-44, R-22, and RAF2000. SFAR sign offs/sport pilot,CFI. Train in my RAF2000 or yours.Fixed Wing Types: Airplane, Seaplane, single, multi, Helicopter, instrument Albert Lowenstein USA NM Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon LTA Private or Commercial, flight and ground, new or additional ratings .(Chef Pilot is ATP so we can relate to add ons!) We fly to your schedule, every flyable day. Your system or ours, we train primarily in a Cameron C-80. There are two DPE's in town, plus the FAA so we have no issues scheduling check rides! Typical PVT LTA is two weeks, COM LTA is three. No knowledge exams necessary for additional category ratings. We fly year around, except during the AIBF, the first days of Dave Sullivan USA Fayetteville, Georgia,Hot Air Balloon Flight Training offered thru Balloonacy, ltd, LLC, FAA Part 141 Certificate SU9S747J. Integrated syllabus, all equipment supplied. Part 141 LTA Training Michael Gianetti USA, Colorado, Boulder: Hot Air Balloon Life Cycle Balloon Balloon Adventures, founded in 1971, is Colorado's oldest and most experienced hot air balloon company. We offer hot air balloon rides, FAA certified balloon inspection & repair, flight instruction, flight reviews, new and used balloon sales and consignments, and we are an authorized FireFly Balloons dealer. Purely water-based seaplanes have largely been supplanted by amphibious aircraft. Planes in Vancouver Seaplanes can only take off and land on water with little or no wave action and, like other aircraft, have trouble in extreme weather. The size of waves a given design can withstand depends on, among other factors, the aircraft's size, hull or float design, and its weight, all making for a much more unstable aircraft, limiting actual operational days. Flying boats can typically handle rougher water and are generally more stable than floatplanes while on the water. Rescue organizations, such as coast guards, are among the largest modern operators of seaplanes due to their efficiency and their ability to both spot and rescue survivors. Land-based aircraft cannot rescue survivors, and many helicopters are limited in their capacity to carry survivors and in their fuel efficiency compared to fixed-wing aircraft. (Helicopters may also be fitted with floats to facilitate their usage on water, though they are not referred to as seaplanes.) These are even more limited in range.Water aircraft are also often used in remote areas such as the Alaskan and Canadian wilderness, especially in areas with a large number of lakes convenient for takeoff and landing. They may operate on a charter basis, provide scheduled service, or be operated by residents of the area for private, personal use. seaplanes are used in Greece to connect the many islands to the mainland. In the Western Hemisphere, there are numerous seaplane operators in the Caribbean Sea that offer service within or between island groups. Amphibious aircraft    Sikorsky S-38 Sikorsky S-39 Grumman Goose Grumman Mallard  Grumman Albatross Douglas Dolphin  Dornier Delphin Supermarine Sea Eagle    Vickers Viking  Canadian Vickers Vedette  Beriev MBR-2