Company: Sloane Helicopters Mallorca
Name: Jonny Greenall
E-mail: info [at]
Phone: +34971794132
Country : Spain, Palma de Mallorca
Aircraft :  R22, R44, MD500
Flight instruction: EASA PPL (H) EASA Type Ratings R22 R44 ICAO Licence Conversion Proficiency Checks Skills Test EASA Flight Examnier (Helicopters) CAA Radiotelephony Examiner Sloane Helicopters in Mallorca, CAA/EASA Approved Flight School. Operating since 1995 in the Balearics for flight training and charter.

Company: Superior Air
Name: None
E-mail: gz [at]
Phone: +302591053390
Country : Greece, Athens
Aircraft :  C172 , P2006T ,R22 ,R44 ,R66 ,Bell 407 , A109
Superior Air is based in Megara airport near Athens and offers a wide variety of services such as Flight Training for PPL or CPL license for both airplanes and helicopters. The company also offers Air Taxi services with helicopters , aircraft maintenance and aerial work operations such as aerial photography and external cargo lifting. The company's facilities are perhaps the most modern facilities you will find in Greece and the company uses the latest means of technology to provide advanced services to students and customers.


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