Russia, Israel, lithuania, United Arab Emirates, Turkey  Gyro Pilot Training

Company: "Voskresensk" AirCentre
Name:  Alex Lameko
E-mail: protor [at]
Phone: +7-916-7404255
Country: Russia  State: Moscow City: Voskresensk N55 18.5 E38 35.5
Gyro Types: MTOsport, Calidus
Fixed Wing Types: Eurostar fixed wing training available at same airfield
Information :
10 years of gyroplane/autogyro experience
Leisure/sightseeing/demo flights available
Accommodation available

Name: Shay Noy
E-mail: nshay7 [at] nshay7 [at]
Phone & Fax: 972-777665646 972-505346872 972-544738726
Country: ISRAEL  State: City: gan ner
Gyro Types: RAF 2000 ELA
Fixed Wing Types: None
Information :
Training is carried out over a 10 month period at Megido air field

Company: Flight school "The Birdman"
Name: The Birdman
E-mail: info [at]
Phone & Fax: +37062021777
Country: Lithuania  State: City: Panevezys
Gyro Types: ELA 07S
Fixed Wing Types: None
Information :
Flight school "The Birdman" is authorised by Ultralight Aircrafts Pilot's Federation of Lithuania in accordance with the standards of FAI and ICAO for training and retraining of ultra light aircraft - autogyro pilots. Practical, theoretical training and exams in Lithuanian, Russian and English languages.

Company:  gyrokopter, gyrocopterinternational
Name: Peter
E-mail: peter (at)
Phone & Fax: 46-70-6381070
Country : Sweden also Taiwan, Indonesia, Qatar, Turkey, China
Gyro Types : MT03
Other aircraft : Microlights seamx, Watertraining, Seaplanes,Trikes and Polaris flyingboat
Training on gyros MT0 sport, Calidus,Cavalon representativ of auto-gyro from Germany
Accommodation available, more than 10.000hrs experience.

Company:  The 7 Group
Name: Zoltan
E-mail: zoltan (at)
Phone & Fax: Not supplied
Country : United Arab Emirates; Ras al Khaimah
Gyro Types : Not specified
Other aircraft : Not specified
The 7 Group – Pushing limits: We start where others have already stopped! The 7 Group is the mar­ket leader when it comes to gy­ro­plane dis­tri­b­u­tion, set-up and train­ing. We are un­par­al­leled in our knowl­edge and ex­pe­ri­ence in dif­fer­ent fields, mar­kets and gy­ro­planes. The 7 Group have a re­li­able and proven track record, there is sim­ply no one out else there that can match us. With the CEO and Aviation Pioneer Andi Siebenhofer as Head of this concern The 7 Groupget the worldwide biggest leader for Gyroplanes and Helicopter missions in: • military and paramilitary operations, • intelligence gathering, • border surveillance and patrols, • airfield bird control, • aerial video surveillance, • disaster control (such as floods and earthquakes), • crowd control policing, • oil and gas pipeline inspections, • high voltage power line inspections, • aerial surveys, • highway patrols, • forest patrols, • national park and game patrols.

Company: FG AIR
E-mail: info [at]
Phone: 00902124653771
Country: Istanbul TURKEY
Types: MTO Sport, Calidus, Cavalon, TL-Ultralight, Sirius, Trike, Microlight, Sea Land with Trike
FG Air, Fixed wing (TL-Ultralight - Sirius Fully Glass Cocpit), Flex Wing (Aircreation, Polaris FIB-AM-FIB sea and land version), Gyroplane (MTO Sport, Calidus, Cavalon)



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