Cessna 172 - Malta Flying School

Company: Malta School of Flying
Name: Trevor Darmanin
E-mail: trevor [at] maltaflying.com
Tel numbers: 00356 79705877
Country:  Luqa, Malta, Europe
Aircraft: C152, C172, C206
Malta School of Flying Co. Ltd. is a branch of the Malta Flying group, established in 2004 with the intention of providing unique, professional flight services in the Maltese Islands. The company has since then rapidly grown to become Malta’s largest flying school and now operates a fleet of 5 Cessna aircraft whilst employing a dedicated team of four full time highly qualified and experienced flight instructors and two full-time operations officers. The school services range from trial lessons during which customers experience flying an aircraft themselves under the watchful eye of the instructor, to private pilots licence (PPL) courses and night qualification training. During the last few years, the company has gone from strength to strength with over 200 students attending courses at different levels. Students are able to complete all training towards the PPL in Malta, with initial flight training provided using two Cessna 172 four-seat aircraft and two Cessna 152 two-seat aircraft, the two most common training aircraft operated around the world. This may well be due to their proven reliability and forgiving flight characteristics. Our Cessna 206 is mostly used for more advanced differences training courses, apart from regularly operating photography and surveillance flights through the school’s sister company Malta Wings Co. Ltd. To date, the fleet of aircraft achieved a record of 11,500 flying hours across the skies of Malta, Italy, Spain, Austria, Croatia, Tunisia and Libya. The company boasts a 100% safety record which can be attributed to the experience and high qualifications of the flight instructors, the training quality provided to the students as well as the high maintenance standards adhered to by the maintenance department.




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