Company: Galaxy Flying Academy
Name: Air Cdre M Golam Tawhid (rtd)
E-mail: mgtawhid [at]
Phone: 880-2-8921218; 7911432
Country: Bangladesh
Aircraft types : Cessna-152 172
Dear students We are committed to provide international standard flying and ground training. Our fleet includes: 5 x Cessna172 152 aircraft. Our CFI ( 8000 hrs TT), CGI ( 40 yrs experienced) and Engr (25 yrs experienced) are all well qualified. Our Ground Instructors are also experienced and many of them are Ex-Air Force officers.CPL (150hrs) along with food hostel accommodation at Rajshahi during flying, costs only USD 39,000. Please visit our website: contact : mgtawhid [at] for any query.



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