Company: Gyrate NZ Ltd
Name:  Not supplied
E-mail: gyfly [at]
Phone & Fax: 61210380760
Country: New Zealand North Island Tauranga
Gyro Types: MTO3, Xenon, Dominator, Benson, other
Full or part-time Gyro Training available for NZ or UK license, accommodation from Bunkhouse to Luxury in this beautiful holiday area, ground transport available

Company: Hunter Valley Gyro Club
Name:  Not supplied
E-mail: gyro_pilot [at]
Country: Australia State: New South Wales City: Newcastle / Hunter Valley
Gyro Types: 2 Seat side by side Gyro with Pod
Fixed Wing Types: Conversion training to your single seat Gyro
We operate near Bylong NSW every second week end.
Accommodation available. Friendly Club atmosphere.
Training by an Australian Sport Rototcraft Association senior Instructor. Cheap Rates.

Company: Gyrate NZ Ltd
Name:  Not supplied
E-mail: fly [at]
Phone & Fax: 64210380760
Country: New Zealand City: Tauranga
Gyro Types: All types of gyro both two seat and single place.
The only full-time professional gyroplane school in New Zealand. Machines in stock are MTO3 Eagles, Xenon, montgomerie Benson, Dominator.

Company: FLY DALBY Flight Training
Name:  Don Cramer
E-mail: doncramer [at]
Phone & Fax: 0409 699115
Country: Australia Dalby City:  Queensland
Gyro Types: MTO Sport
Fixed Wing Types: RA-Aus Drifter, RA- Aus Weightshift Microlight, Single seater Gyros
My name is Don Cramer and I own and operate the Fly Dalby FLIGHT TRAINING facility located from Dalby in South East Queensland. Currently I hold a Chief Flight Instructor rating for weightshift microlights (both RA-Aus and HGFA) and a Senior Instructor Rating for MTO Sport Gyrocopters and 3 axis ultralights.
Also I hold a NVFR PPL (Private pilots license - Night rating and Controlled Airspace endorsements) an Advanced Hang gliding rating plus Tug Master and aerotow endorsements.
You might think flying is my life, and you would be correct in assuming so. I love to fly and I love to teach people to fly. All aspects of PROFESSIONAL flight training, including 3 axis, weightshift microlight and gyrocopter training are provided. We would be pleased to offer you Dalbys most professional training at our facility.


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If you are looking for a gyroplane instructor anywhere in the world then look no further. gyro, light Training, Gyroplane Kit sales, Builder Assist with construction, rebuild or refit.Pre-owned gyroplane sales training, gyrotraining, gyro training, gyro_training, gyroplane, I am Laszlo Boross, Gyrocopter Chief Flying Instructor, Technical Adviser and Examiner, the Owner and Manager of Boross Uniserv Australia Gyrocopter Flying School.The Flying School, which is based in Perth, Western Australia, is the first and only full time operational Gyrocopter Flying School in Australia, Established 15 years ago in 1990 as a family business. The Flying School’s main profile is gyrocopter flight instruction and assembling service, manufacturing gyrocopters, professionally assembling factory-supplied kits, modifying to Australian standards, exam, test fly and certify new build gyrocopters. We are able to travel anywhere in Australia with a fully equipped school trailer.copter, air command, sparrowhawk, I offer training from introductory flight lessons, Sport pilot training, Private pilot , commercial pilot and CFI instruction. I train at Covington, Ga. witch is about 30 miles east of Atlanta, Ga. I have been flying gyroplanes for over 25 years and have over 4000 hours total. I fly helicopters airplanes, gliders and hang gliders as well as ultralights. raf2000, gtx, magni, m16, mT03, m14, m18, m22, gtxse, raf 2000, twinstarr, Standard student training and instructor training is offered as well as Magni-ficient scenic trips to Namibia, Natal and Cape. I also offer maintainance to all Magni products as well as rebuilds or modifications. I also do all the SACAA paperwork for any non-type certified aircraft as a service to the client.twinstarrlite, usa, uk, australia, As an International Flight Instructor, Manufacturer, Examiner and Test Pilot for RAF 2000 Gyrocopters, accredited by the Rotary Air Force Inc. Canada. I am frequently travelling around the world to do demonstration flights, assembling, test fly and certify RAF gyrocopters. Teach, examine and licensing individuals Gyrocopter pilots and government agencies to fly and maintain RAF 2000 gyrocopters mainly in China and in the Eastern European Countries. I have 16 years of experience of instructing non-English speaking students to fly gyrocopters in Australia and around the world, mostly in Iran, the Asian and in the Eastern European Countries. I am originally from Hungary, migrated to Australia 18 years ago, so I have better understanding and acceptation regarding the differences of the cultures and customs between different countries, especially between the Eastern and Western Countries.france, south africa, sa, canada, germany, cfi, licence, aircraft,gyrocopter, instructor, instructors, autogiro, rotorwing, pilots license, private, gyros, flight, schools, pilot, sycamore, magni, VPM, bill parson, RAF, windlass, trike, aerotrike, raptor, fixedwing, microlights, sting, usa, united states, america, commercial,or more information of my operation in Australia and around the world, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am available to travel and instruct students, build, exam and test flying gyrocopters internationally anywhere in the world. Magni M24, Arrow-Copter AC 10, Vortex 912 ULS, Xenon Gyro Copter, ELA Gyroplane, Sportcopter ll, Air & Space 18A, The FUTURA, The Hawk 4 / Hawk5, GT Gyroplanes Kruza 2, ROTORTEC - CLOUD DANCER II, Calidus, DF02 Gyroplane, Carter Copter Mu-1, L.F.I.N.O.,