Name: Eusebio Valdes
E-mail: info (at)
Phone: 305-255-5519
Country: USA, Miami FL
Aircraft types :  Decathlon, Piper Seneca
TO EXPERIENCE THE COMPLETE FLIGHT REPERTOIRE: Airplanes were designed for three-dimensional flight. Unlike an automobile, train or boat, an airplane can truly move in three-dimensional space, yet most pilots never learn to fully maneuver the aircraft in this 3-D environment. Student pilots learn to takeoff, climb, turn, descend and land, but thats a very small part of the total flight repertoire of which many aircraft and pilots are capable. Ready to take off? Please visit Miamifly . com to see my profile and records of my 28 years of flight instructing basic, single,multi engine, tail wheel, aerobatics and helicopters.

Company: Warbird Adventures, Inc.
Name: Thom Richard
E-mail: fly [at]
Phone: 407-870-7366
Country: Kissimmee, FL, USA
Aircraft types:  T-6, SNJ
Information :
The world's largest and most experienced T-6 Texan flight school. Aerobatics, formation and type specific training available all year. Open Mon - Sat 09:00 - 17:00 We'll put in the front seat right away and teach you everything you want to know about these historic beauties. Whether you are already a licensed pilot or a novice, we'll have you looping and rolling in no time flat. No flying experience is necessary. Located at the Kissimmee Air Museum only a few miles away from the central Florida attractions.

 Company: Canadian Flight Centre
E-mail: flying [at]
Phone & Fax: 604 946 7744
Country: Canada, Delta, BC - Boundary Bay Airport
Aerobatic Training: PA28, C152, C172, 7ECA (Citabria), 8ACA (Super Decathlon), Seneca III, King Air C90Air C90
Canadian Flight Centre was established in 1979 as Canadian IFR Rating. We were the first flight school in Canada to offer only advanced instrument training for the professional pilot. More than 3000 pilots from over 20 countries have successfully trained with us. Graduates from Canadian Flight Centre are currently working at Airlines around the world. Whether you are just starting a career in aviation or need to renew an Instrument rating – or you just want the greatest hobby in the world, Canadian Flight Centre will meet all your training requirements. We offer flight training for Private and Commercial Licenses. In addition, pilots can obtain a night rating, multi-engine rating, instrument rating or instructor rating. Tail wheel and aerobatic training is one of Canadian Flight Centre’s specialties. For private and commercial flight training we use Piper PA28 and Cessna 152/172. Tailwheel and Aerobatic training is offered in a Citabria and Super Decathlon and advanced multi-engine/IFR training is offered in turbo-charged, known-ice and auto pilot equipped Seneca´s, A King Air C90 is available for turbine training. www.



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